Hello! What the hell are you?
Hello, random citizen! This is the website for Shameless Promotions & Media. We are a company based here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We started as a music and entertainment outlet and has since grown into a multi-headed company.  If you view our website, listen to our podcast, or follow our social media accounts, you'll see that we are absolutely crazy for music and everything related to it.

Who started Shameless Promotions & Media? Why?
Shameless Promotions & Media was founded by Jared Stossel in February of 2013. Jared had been doing concert photography while working with another organization he had begun called The Project 143 Foundation (www.project143.org), and wanted to create a website to showcase his photography that wasn't related to Project 143. Several years later, he worked to incorporate interviews, a podcast, and other music coverage into the site. As for why, see more below!

If you are an outlet based solely around music, why have you interviewed comedians and filmmakers, and posted movie news in the past?
This is a very good question! We are huge (almost obsessive) fans of film, stand-up comedy, television, comic books, and literature. We love it just as much as music. While the site has been founded on providing live music coverage specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are really looking to expand and integrate our coverage of events in these worlds over the next several years. If given the chance to interview a movie star or a comedian along with musicians, we will take the interview!

What kind of interviews can I expect to find on this website?
Whether it's on the For The Record podcast (hosted by Jared) or in a print interview, you will find interviews with well-researched, non-confrontational questions that focus on the subject matter we are discussing (i.e., if we're doing an interview about an album, the questions will BE about the album). Jared wanted to add interviews to the site because he was extremely agitated over the same regurgitated questions coming out of press junkets, radio shows, online blog interviews, etc. He wanted to make sure that those being interviewed were never subjected to crap questions, extremely personal questions that don't relate to the interview (i.e.,  "Who are you dating? Why did you break up with that person?"), or nonsense (i.e., "If you could be a car, what car would you be?")If you are someone that does an interview with us, you'll get someone who genuinely cares about the work you're doing, and someone that can hold a conversation. Dear artists: we're here because of you!

I want to write/work/photograph/contribute to Shameless. Can I apply?
We are always looking for contributing writers. With photographers, the site has been built primarily around Jared's photography and style. With that being said, we have brought in photographers to help out with editorial content in the past, and we always check out other peoples' work. If you'd like to send us portfolios or writing samples, email info@shamelesspromo.net

What's this whole thing about artist publicity that I've seen? I thought you guys were a music outlet?
We are an outlet! BUT! As we said in the first FAQ, Shameless has grown into a multi-headed company. At the start of 2015, Jared began doing publicity independently for a San Jose, CA band called Demon In Me. The PR campaign he took on surrounding the release of their debut album, This Is Your Way Out, resulted in the band signing to Standby Records, embarking on three national tours, and receiving coverage in national publications like Substream Magazine. This led to interest from other artists inquiring about publicity deals. In 2017, we will be announcing an entire roster of artists that we will be working with publicity-wise. If you'd like to submit your music, email info@shamelesspromo.net and include "Publicity Dept." in the email subject!

Do you cover only one genre of music? 
No. While our roots are based in alternative and punk rock (think the 'Warped Tour' scene), we love electronic dance music, pop, hip-hop, theatrical film scores, and so many other genres. We're open to hearing a multitude of genres and artists!

I have music/a short film/art/a client that I want to submit for coverage on your site. I have an album/EP that I'd like to submit for review. Who do I reach out to?
Send an email to info@shamelesspromo.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Due to a HIGH volume of requests, we may not be able to reply to every single email we receive, but we will do our very best!

I'd like to advertise on For The Record, or on the website in general. How do we go about making this happen?
Email info@shamelesspromo.net for all sponsorship and advertising inquiries and we will get back to you ASAP!