Album Recap for Week of November 15, 2013

Hey music fans! Here is your album recap for the week of November 15, 2013.


Less Than Jake released their new record "See The Light". The album is the band's ninth studio record. It's been such a long time since I've listened to ska/punk music. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this entire record from start to finish. It brought back a lot of good memories of high school for me (okay, it brought back the non-shitty parts of high school, and there were a lot of those.) This is one of the finest works the band has put out. Less Than Jake take you through thirteen upbeat, fun, catchy tracks, clocking in at around thirty-five minutes. (Fat Wreck Chords)


Next up in our recap is an album that came out awhile ago. I never gave it the proper attention that it deserved, so I am writing about it now. Better late than never, eh? Anyway... earlier this Fall, Lodi, CA based A Skylit Drive released their fifth studio record "Rise". The band took some time off of touring after the release of 2009's "Identity On Fire", but rest assured they were definitely writing. A lot. And now they're back with a vengeance. The songs showcase a much more mature ASD. The band still add in many post-hardcore elements (such as bassist Brian White's screaming vocals) that are very signature to their sound, but the song structures are much more defined this time around and include several elements of hard rock. Very well done. "Rise" takes includes on a journey through twelve tracks, clocking in around forty minutes. (Tragic Hero Records)


Fearless Records definitely seems to be scoring some great artists right now. With bands like Blessthefall, Breathe Carolina, Motionless In White, and Pierce The Veil currently on their roster, the label may have stumbled upon yet another great act. Layton, UT's own Get Scared have released their second album via Fearless Records, entitled "Everyone's Out To Get Me". I had never heard anything from Get Scared, but the hype around them got my attention. The bands they were getting compared to heightened my interest. A few of the names dropped were My Chemical Romance, The Used, and AFI. After listening to the album, I thought that there were a few more metalcore elements in the songs than I personally would have preferred, but the comparisons made sense. Catchy choruses, soaring melodies, and plenty of screams to go around. Keep your eye on these guys. (Fearless Records)


Closing off this week's album recap is a band that I met while waiting in line to get my press pass at the Glamour Kills Tour in San Francisco. They're called The Big Time, and they traveled all the way from Altoona, PA to follow the GK Tour. I chatted with them for a little bit, and they gave me a copy of their new album, "Dreamers and Believers" to listen to. I was pleasantly surprised. Hey old All Time Low fans? Yes, you, the ones who want the band to go back to playing "Put Up Or Shut Up EP" style songs? Two things, 1) they won't do that again, just get over it. 2) THIS is who to listen to if you want songs like that. Very fun, solid pop-punk from the East Coast. If you are out at any of the upcoming GK Tour shows, find these guys in line, talk to them, and pick up a copy of their album! It will be worth your time. (Unsigned)

That'll do it for this week's album recap. Check back again next week for all the newest releases in the music industry!

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