Beta State - Friendship

All I’m going to say is this: If Beta State aren’t playing arenas more often like they did when opening up for Green Day, Mumford & Sons, and Florence & The Machine about a year ago, I’m going to lose a little bit of hope in the music industry. These are the songs that are meant to be played in arenas and stadiums.

San Francisco four-piece Beta State are here with their full-length release “Friendship”, filled with catchy, blistering arena-rock anthems that will be stuck in your head for days and days after first listen. I have had the pleasure of seeing certain bands in the Bay Area music scene flourish into professional artists, and Beta State are definitely one of those artists I’ve enjoyed watching grow over the years. The first time I heard “Start A Clean Slate” (track two on the record) about a year ago, I was hooked and knew there was something special about them. I heard it re-recorded on this album, and it literally gave me chills. Other standout tracks include the opener, “Weightless”, “Stay A While”, and “When I’m Too Weak To Know”. The songs are incredibly catchy, well-written, and will certainly play out well in a live-performance setting.

Today is a Tuesday, which means all of the new music is released to the world. Do yourself a favor and pick up “Friendship”. You’ll thank me later.

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#Friendship (Deluxe Edition) - Beta State