Thirty Seconds To Mars - LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS

When a news story leaked in 2011 that Thirty Seconds To Mars was supposedly going to be announcing their break up, fans were devastated. Clearly, that rumor proved to be untrue. Two years later, behold. Vocalist Jared Leto, guitarist Tomo Milicevic, and drummer Shannon Leto return to the forefront of music with their fourth studio effort “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS”.

Throughout the ten-tracks of this album, Mars provide the same epic songwriting feel that makes them so much fun to listen to. This time around, though, a lot more experimentation is present in the songs. “Birth”, the album’s first track, kicks off the record with a combination of thundering bass lines and tribal drumbeats. I happened to catch the band’s live performance at the Live 105 BFD festival this past weekend, where they opened the show with this track. Let’s just say that the bass was so loud that I not only felt it in my chest, but throughout my entire body.

“LLFD” has been coined by the band to be a concept album, with each of the songs covering one of the different topics listed in the album’s title. The album is well organized in that sense, and each song provides something a bit different. From piano-laden songs with soothing vocals (“End of All Days”), to guitar-riff driven rock (“Conquistador”) and out-of-this-world, “we’re taking over the world” songs (“Up In The Air”, “Do Or Die”), “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS” has something for everybody and will not disappoint in the least.

Label: Virgin Records