Night Verses - Lift Your Existence

Night Verses Lift Your Existence album art.jpg

            Post-rock quartet Night Verses are ready to captivate audiences with the premiere of their debut album Lift Your Existence. Reminiscent of artists like Thrice, Deftones, and The Mars Volta, the band power through an intense fifteen-track symphony of sound that will engage listeners instantaneously upon pressing the play button.

 After auditioning over thirty different vocalists, the band brought in Douglas Robinson (also of The Sleeping) to fill out the trio comprised of  Nick DePirro (guitar), Reilly Herrera (bass), and Aric Importa (drums).  

            The album kicks off with “Introducing: The Rot Under The Sun”, immediately pulling in the listener and preparing them for a musical expedition through heavy riffs, pulsating drums, and honest, hard-hitting vocal lines and lyrics. The music is, dare I say, “crazy” at times, very technical, but mesmerizing to listen to. You can really hear the effort that went into crafting each of these songs, both lyrically and instrumentally.

            An incredible feature of this record is the lyrics. They’re filled with both depth and ambiguity, all tying into the overlying theme of discovering yourself and “lifting your existence” that drives the record. You can read more about Douglas’ (vocals) writing process in the interview that I conducted with the band.

            Another standout feature of this album is the song titles. Outstanding track titles include “Antidepressents”, “Parasomnia”, “Cathexis”, and “Elucidation”. With song names like these and a raw, powerful wall of sound presented in each composition, the band will have absolutely no problem attracting audiences in the coming year. Here’s to the future, guys.