NGHBRS - Twenty One Rooms

Long Island, New York indie-rock act NGHBRS  have a lot in store for music connoisseurs with the release of their debut, full-length album Twenty One Rooms. 

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this record from start to finish. Every song is different. Recorded entirely live at Cedarmere Estate in Roslyn Harbor, NY, Twenty One Rooms  moves its way through 11 tracks that feature crisp guitars, soaring melodies, and pulse-pounding drumbeats. Songs like "Hold Up Girl" and "1990" invoked memories of listening to bands like The Raconteurs and Taking Back Sunday (for me at least). Tracks like "Wake Me In The Morning" and "Dead Man's Bluse" take things a bit slower, but are just so hypnotizing to listen to.

The album had moments that reminded me of listening to a great movie soundtrack. There were fast-paced moments, there were more toned-down moments, but at the end, you have an amazing picture that blends together perfectly.