Stickup Kid - Future Fire

As one of the newest additions to the Adeline Records family, pop-punk quintet Stickup Kid have released their highly anticipated second full-length record (their first LP for Adeline) entitled Future Fire.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Stickup Kid since their inception as a band, and watching them progress musically throughout the past few years (shows at Nickel City, anyone?). 

"Future Fire", without a doubt, is their strongest work yet. The songs are emotionally charged and driven by pulsating drumbeats, powerful guitar and bass lines, and sharp vocal melodies. These are the songs that were meant to be played in a room filled to the brim with people, screaming the words at the top of their lungs.

At times on this record, the songs are a bit slower ("Lost", "Wasted Away"), but it allows the listener to focus on the emotional intensity and musicianship that this band is able to provide. Other tracks are upbeat, tight, and grasping ("The Depths Of Me", "Chariot"). One of the standouts on this album to me was "Keeping My Distance". It gave me a Third Eye Blind vibe during certain moments, and it was a bit different from anything I've heard from SK before. 

In conjunction with this release, the band are on an East Coast US tour with Candy Hearts and Real Friends. After that, they'll be on a West Coast tour with Living With Lions and Last Call until the end of August, their very first Japanese tour in the fall, and a four day stint at The Fest in Florida this November. It looks like you should not only go and pick up this record, but keep your eyes on Stickup Kid. Big things are happening for them, and you'll want to be along for the ride.