John Beaver

 John Beaver performing at Coachella. Photo by Dan Dunn. 

John Beaver performing at Coachella. Photo by Dan Dunn. 

Episode 3 is finally here! We've got a really special one today. Beyond Wonderland Bay Area is coming up (only a few more days) and I got to interview San Jose-native (and one of the DJs performing at the Mad Hatter's Castle stage on Sunday), John Beaver! Seriously one of the nicest dudes out there. We talked about what it means to find happiness and stay positive in times of adversity, how he created the official Beyond Wonderland mix for the festival this year, AND we even added on the free mix at the very end of this episode as a BONUS treat! Check it out!

Be sure to catch John Beaver on the MAD HATTER'S CASTLE STAGE at Beyond Wonderland THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 from 2:30 PM to 4 PM. 

For more info on John Beaver, visit him at:
Instagram: Djjohnbeaver

To hear all of John Beaver's latest music and news, visit the website of his record label, Libra Rising, at

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This has been another Shameless Promotion.