Shameless Podcast Episode 005: Fly Away Hero

Episode 5 is upon us! In this episode, I sat and had a phone interview with Dalton Rapatonni, vocalist/guitarist of Fly Away Hero, an emerging pop-rock band from Dallas, TX. Check it out and be sure to pick up their new EP, Lost and Found!

This has been another Shameless Promotion. 

Shameless Podcast Episode 004: The Family Ruin

Note: This is Episode FOUR. Not FIVE. Despite what I say. It's late. I was very tired. And sounded like an NPR Radio Host again in the intro...

Regardless, another GREAT episode! This time, I sat down and chatted with up and coming metalcore act The Family Ruin. The band are on KBB Records, and we talked about writing their 14-track debut full length 'Dearly Departed', the best kind of whiskey to drink, and Alex Koehler from Chelsea Grin stops by!

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This has been another Shameless Promotion

Shameless Podcast Episode 003: Yellowcard (Ryan Mendez) and Emarosa

Episode 3! Revenge of the Sith! Okay not really, obviously.... but still, this was a great episode! I had the chance to sit down and talk with both Ryan Mendez of Yellowcard and the entire lineup of Emarosa when both bands came through San Francisco a few weeks ago. It was the last date of the tour, so we chatted about quite a few topics related to this particular tour, as well as their own new releases. Also, I sound like an NPR DJ at the beginning of this. Have fun with that.

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This has been another Shameless Promotion.

Shameless Podcast Episode 002: Six Time Champion

This is the second episode of the Shameless Podcast! I recently interviewed a great band from Brighton, UK called Six Time Champion. Awesome new pop punk music. Their newest EP "Expecting Honesty" is finally available today! Check out the interview here, and pick up a copy of their newest release!

Six Time Champion
Twitter: stcofficialuk
Instagram: sixtimechampionuk