The Lawrence Arms to release new album, first full-length in 8 years

NEWS - Chicago, IL punk band The Lawrence Arms will be releasing their next full-length album, entitled "Metropole". on January 28, 2014. This will be the band's first full-length in eight years. 

Fans are invited by the band to pre-order the new album here. You can check out the pre-order link and track listing below!


Metropole Track Listing
1. Chilean District
2. You Are Here
3. Hickey Avenue
4. Seventeener (17th and 34th)
5. Beautiful Things
6. Acheron River
7. Metropole
8. Drunk Tweets
9. The YMCA Down The Street From The Clinic
10. Never Fade Away
11. Paradise Shitty
12. October Blood

This has been another shameless promotion.