Important Information about Our News

Hey everyone! I'd like to make a quick announcement about our news section, for future reference. I have decided that from this point on, Shameless Promotions will be doing very limited music news coverage. Let's face it, every website is doing this, and magazine outlets like Rolling Stone and Alternative Press definitely have a handle on the world of music news. 

I love doing interviews, and speaking with musicians of all levels and different calibers. If I ever do feature a piece of music news, it will include some type of interview from artist (at the very least, a quote), to provide more extensive information and background, rather than just "(insert band here) is playing a tour with (insert band here)"

I think this makes Shameless Promotions & Photography a much more unique website. We have a few other really cool ideas in the works, but in the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and like our Facebook page at

Kind regards,

Jared Stossel
CEO/Editor-In Chief 
Shameless Promotions & Photography