Cody Kahmar - interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing up and coming solo artist  Cody Kahmar recently, check out the interview below!

When did you first begin playing music?

I tried taking classes and lessons when I was younger, but I fell off that as I got older. Around the time I was a teenager, one of my friends  who was a rapper asked me to start singing. We just kept networking and then progressing from there. This was probably in my late teens, nineteen or twenty.

If you had this moment, what was the moment for you when you realized “This is what I want to do in life” that every musician seems to have?

When I started, that was my main thought. I guess when I first opened for Kid Cudi was when I had that moment. There were a few thousand people. It was pretty fun. I then thought “well if I keep progressing, then there’s no reason that I shouldn’t keep going.”

What was it like playing the Kid Cudi show?

It was really cool. It was only me and another opening act, but it was pretty cool.

What was the song “Hear My Call” about?

It was about a past relationship. I was writing about things I wish I could have changed. It was sort of like a “take me back, I’ve learned my lesson” song.

What was it like working with producer Projay on the track “Last Time”?

He’s good. He’s not just a producer; he’s a musician. He told me that I had a really unique falsetto and good voice. For him to even want to work with me… From working with people like that, he doesn’t have to work with me. For him to choose [to work with] me, it was a huge compliment.

Can you give me a little more background behind “Last Time” and what you wanted to achieve with it?

The other stuff was more in-depth and you could understand what I was talking about. This one is more of a “dance, have fun” kind of record. It has more like a Daft Punk feel. Something upbeat that people can have fun to.

Who were some of your biggest musical influences when writing and recording your most recent work?

I don’t really think of anybody when I write, but in terms of the way that I carry my voice and sing, I like Michael Bolton, Steve Perry (Journey). I like real wholesome singers. I like Phil Collins. There’s a wide range. Boyz II Men. R&B and rap. A lot of early 90s punk and music from that era. I listen to Green Day a lot.

Who are some other producers and songwriters you’d like to work with someday?

Adam Levine; I like Maroon 5. Bruno Mars. I like Frank Ocean. I don’t really listen to much music (laughs); I like making it. It’s sort of the same thing with people when people say they like watching sports. I don’t really like watching sports, but I like playing them.

What kind of message would you like fans to walk away with after listening to your music?

I want them to be able to relate to my music, in a way. Even if it’s not their situation, they know a situation that’s like that. Make them feel good or better about their situation. I like writing about realistic things. I really want them to hear my voice. I want to them enjoy it. I want them to feel real music.

What does music mean to you?

Freedom of expression. I listen to a lot of faster, aggressive music when I work out. I mean, different situations call for different types of music. I listen to the Paramore Pandora station when I work out. Fast drum changes, a lot of attitude. I like Paramore a lot too. I like their vocalist’s delivery, the way she pronounces words.

What are your future plans right now?

Not really any shows right now that I know of coming up soon, but I’m working on promoting the next single, and there will probably be a video for “Last Time”. Just trying to get some more buzz right now!