3Oh!3 Noise Tour 2013 - REVIEW


3oh!3 w/ The Summer Set, Wallpaper., and New Beat Fund
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
November 24, 2013

I’ll admit that when I entered the doors to this show, I had been having a crappy start to my weekend. But thankfully, the performances from each of these artists made me smile the entire time and take my mind off of my personal issues. Easily one of the most fun shows I’ve attended all year, the Noise Tour made its stop in San Francisco, CA on November 24, 2013 at the famous Fillmore Auditorium.

            The first band that opened the show was New Beat Fund from Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, the set didn’t seem to go over amazingly with the crowd. Nobody moved around or responded to the songs that much. The performance was a bit lackluster in comparison to the other acts of the night. The band sounded good, but the reggae-indie stylings of the Los Angeles four-piece didn’t translate perfectly for this particular show.

            Next up, Wallpaper. And might I say: Ho. Ly. Shit. This guy knows how to bring the party. San Francisco’s very own Ricky Reed (the producer, vocalist and mind behind the electro-hip-hop project) brought every last bit of energy he could squeeze out of himself onto the stage. The crowd went NUTS as he launched into “Hesher”, the third song of his set, and the energy level stayed consistent throughout the entire set. Even people who’d never heard of him were going crazy. The accompaniment of two drummers and co-vocalist Novena Carmel really added to the performance. I’m really looking forward to seeing Reed and crew in concert again soon.

            A lot of people were at this show not only for the headliners, but for the main support. Arizona pop-rockers The Summer Set took the stage amidst a roar of screaming girls crowding the front of the barricades. Vocalist Brian Dales takes the microphone and the band careens into the first song of the set, “Lightning In A Bottle”, a track from the band’s newest studio album, “Legendary”. The Summer Set have always reminded me of five best friends who got together one day, said “let’s start a band”, and followed their dream. They remind me of a group of friends that all grew up together and understand each other so well. They all play off of each other on stage, and they genuinely look like they are having a great time. Their upbeat pop-rock sound only further adds to this claim.

            The time has finally come, and 3oh!3 walk on stage. It had honestly been years since I’d seen a performance by vocalists Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman. And might I say that they are still fantastic performers after all of these years. I was smiling throughout the entire duration of the performance. They manage to give every song it’s own personality, complete with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that made it a fun experience. The crowd didn't stop going crazy at any point during the band’s hour and a half set, and they’re practically feeding off the energy from Motte, Foreman and the entire band.

            Before the show closed with the band’s hit “Don’t Trust Me”, the band brought each vocalist from the tour out on stage to perform a song that they all wrote together entitled "Turn The Night On". All in all, this was a fantastic show with an eclectic lineup. Couldn't ask for anything more. 

P.S., the Will Smith and “Wild Wild West” references from Dales (TSS) and 3oh!3 were hilarious. Will Smith for president? Maybe. Just maybe.  

This has been another shameless promotion.