For Today - interview

For Today - I had recently had a chance to interview Mattie Montgomery, vocalist of metalcore titans For Today, who are currently taking the scene by storm. Check out the interview posted below. 

1. For those reading at home, what is your name and position in the band?

My name is Mattie Montgomery, and I’m the vocalist of For Today.

2. When did you first begin playing music?

I think I joined my first band in about 2002.  I was playing drums back then. 

3. How did the band first come together?

In 2007, I was playing in a band called Besieged.  After For Today’s vocalist quit the band to get married, they started looking for someone to take his place.  I contacted the guys, and found out that they had actually already been listening to the Besieged album that we had just released with my vocals on it.  So, we got together for a trial-run, 30-day tour, and the rest is history!

4. It is evident through your lyrics that your faith plays a large part in your music. When did Christianity come into your life?

Honestly, I was raised going to church, but never knew Jesus until I was about 19.  It’s a story that is much too long for me to spell out here, but basically what happened was that, I asked God to show Himself to me.  I was willing to admit that I didn’t have all the answers, and, although I didn’t know who I was speaking to, I said something like, “God, if you can hear me, I need to know you’re with me.”  And He showed up!  That was the summer of 2006. 

5. What made you decide to incorporate your faith into the music For Today creates?

My faith defines everything I do—how I love my wife, how I raise my kids, how I do my finances; everything.  So, because it’s woven into the fabric of who I am, I can’t even imagine trying to make music WITHOUT incorporating the Truth of Christ into it. 

6. You guys have released 4 albums and 1 EP throughout your career. On your newest release, Immortal, would you say that there was anything different about the writing and recording process for this record than your past few records?

Immortal and Breaker were actually very similar.  Because we live all over the country, we don’t really sit down and just jam out like we used to.  So, Ryan and Brandon Leitru will usually get together for about a week sometime while we’re not on tour and write 4-5 songs, and then e-mail them to the rest of the guys.  At that point, the rest of us will make suggestions for possible changes to the songs.  It’s very much a group effort, but Ryan and Brandon are always responsible for giving us the frame to work with. 

7. On two of Immortal’s tracks, “The King” and “The Call”, you chose to use several voice over samples. Specifically, who are the people that are speaking? Why did you decide to create two tracks solely comprised of these samples?

I couldn’t even begin to name them all; but, off the top of my head, I know Paul Washer, Reinhard Bonnke, John Piper, Benny Hinn, Damon Thompson, and Billy Graham were on it.   The reason we did that was pretty simple:  We’ve seen a lot of bands pointing fingers as “false prophets”—people that (in the misinformed opinion of some 19-year-old hardcore kids) are doing Christianity “wrong”, and preaching things are false.  Now, we all know that there are hypocritical people out there preaching Jesus for their own personal gain.  But, there are also many people doing it RIGHT—people that love God with all their heart and honestly desire to see Jesus glorified, more than anything else in the world.   So, we wanted to put on display the simple Truths of the Gospel, that the blood of Jesus is what cleans us, that to be his disciple, we must “take up our cross” and follow Him,” that the Cross is the place at which our salvation was made available, etc., and the fact that, all over the world, for thousands of years, MANY people have been preaching these truths. 

8. What kind of message would like fans to walk away from after listening to your music?

This is the message:  That dissatisfaction inside of you testifies that there is something better out there.  You can find it in Jesus, if you’re willing to pay the price to have Him!

9. Your music and lyrics has a very inspirational, “take on the planet” feel to it. What words of advice would you give to anyone who is our there who maybe feels lonely, isolated, or out of place in the world?

Jesus said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”  It was also prophesied that He would be called “Immanuel” which means “God with us.”  If you follow Jesus, you don’t ever have to be alone, you will never be abandoned or rejected again.  We’re all looking for a perfect love, but no one but God can love you perfectly! 

10. Last question of the interview: what plans do For Today have in store for the upcoming new year as of right now?

Our “Prevailer” DVD/EP is coming out in stores on April 2nd.  We also have a few other BIG things in the works that I can’t announce yet.  But, people can keep an eye on our facebook page for updates!

11. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, it was great speaking with you. 

My pleasure!  Thanks for having me.

For Today are currently finishing up their tour with The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, and The Chariot. The band's new EP/DVD "Prevailer" is now available via iTunes, Best Buy and Hot Topic. 

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