Seeker - interview

Seeker - As brutal as it can get, Dallas, TX heavy-metalers Seeker know how to bring it. I recently had a chance to interview Bryce Lucien, the vocalist of the band

1.     How did Seeker begin? How long have you been around?

We started because we have all been touring in other bands for years and when those bands broke up we had no idea how to function in the real world. We played our first show on October 1st, 2011 and started our  first tour the following week. Things have been pretty nonstop since then.  

2.     You guys remind me very much of bands like Chelsea Grin and Job For A Cowboy. What got you into heavy music originally?

 I have never listened to Chelsea Grin, but I guess I have to check them out now. Bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Neurosis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Locust, Old Man Gloom, Rotten Sound, etc... are what made us all want to get into heavy music. We're all also pretty hugely into punk, new wave, post rock, black metal...our musical tastes are all over the place. 

3.     You guys released a music video online for “Serpent Skin”. What was the concept behind the video?

 Well since none of the things that were supposed to be in the video ended up being in the video I guess the main concept would be us playing the song in a warehouse for no reason while two fetish/bondage film  actresses lick each other. The video was shot well and we appreciate the work that everyone did, but honestly I am not a fan of the video at all. We've never promoted it in the slightest, but for whatever reason it seems to be the only thing that kids ever see or listen to by our band. 

4.     Where do you get most of your lyrical ideas from? Both style wise and content wise?

I get lyric ideas from all over the place. Some songs are about people that I have known. Others are about situations I have found myself in. All of our songs are extremely personal. There are no political songs, no concept songs. Everything comes from life and the people around me. I don't feel like real art can be created without emotional extremes, and those extremes are where my lyrics come from. 

Stylistically I am very influenced by Jacob Bannon, Greg Puciato, Aaron Turner, Scott Kelly, Justin Pearson, and about 1000 other vocalists. Too many to name really.  

5.     What does the lyric “Death will touch everything you love” (used in “Alone”) mean specifically?

 In the song the full lyric is "I hope that death will touch everything you love" which obviously means what it means. The song is addressing a very specific person, and that's all that I'm going to say about it. Broad strokes however, "death will touch everything you love" means that everyone that you have ever loved will eventually leave you, everything that has ever been important to you will be left behind. It addresses the idea that nothing is permanent, and that in the grand scheme of things everything is meaningless. Death in the song is figurative as opposed to literal. 

6.     I take you guys are working on new music right now. How would you say that these new songs are different in comparison to the songs on The Antagonist EP?

 To me, "The Antagonist" EP sounds like an immature band trying desperately to compromise our ideals in order to make a more easily digestible product instead of creating real art. All of our new music is us finally doing exactly what we want to do. It has taken a while to get here, but we are finally in a place where we are writing exactly what we want to write. We give zero fucks about anything except creating honest, emotional, and extreme music. 

7.     What kind of message would you like fans to walk away from after listening to your music?

 Be free and express yourself exactly how you want to. 

8.     What are your future plans for the band? (new record/EP, tours, etc.)

We'll be on tour for most of June, finishing up our full length in July, and hopefully recording in August. After that it'll be endless touring. 

Check out more information on Seeker's upcoming tour dates and album release through the band's Facebook ( and their Twitter (@SEEKERtx)