A Place In Time - interview

A Place In Time - I recently had the opportunity to interview the members of the Washington, D.C. quintet.

1.      How did A Place In Time begin? How long have you been around? 

We formed out of two local "bands" that didn't have enough members, and played our first show in August 2010. 

2.     When and where did you record “Transitions” EP? How long did the process take?

We recorded with Greg Parker in Baltimore, Maryland. The recording process this time around was pretty smooth for the most part, I think the whole thing took about 10 days or so. 

3.     The lyrics on “Don’t Get Your Feelings Hurt” definitely seem like a journal write/recollection of the beginning of the band. What exactly was the song written about?

Yeah, definitely. We wrote the song mostly about everything we learned in two years of being in the first band most of us were in, ever. Most of the reason we made it sound similar to our old songs is because it was kind of a way of moving on from the band we were back when we started.

4.     After listening to the EP, I have to ask: where do you musical influences come from? (I’ll refer to ‘Dreamcatcher’, for example. I heard elements of Haste The Day, The Wonder Years, August Burns Red, and Hit The Lights, all in one song. Might I add, it worked

This is always the hardest question to answer, because there are so many. I actually don't think any of us listen to the same kinds of music, with a few exceptions. On this record I drew a lot from 60s-70s funk bands, pop music, and of course bands like Blink and The Starting Line. There's a lot more bands than that though, from all of us. 

5.     Where do you get most of your lyrical ideas from? Both style wise and content wise?

We usually write about things that are going on in our lives at the time. Joel and I both write lyrics, so both of our "styles" kind of show that way I guess.

6.     Can you elaborate more on the meaning of the lyric “All things come to a bittersweet end?” (in ‘Transitions’). It really stuck out to me.

 All things, good or bad, at some point its going to end. Bands, relationships, mindsets. Even if you don't want it to end it will but its about the experience, and even though you can never get it back its just the next step to more experiences that have yet to be had. So don't be discouraged.

7.     What kind of message would you like fans to walk away with after listening to your music?

 All we want is to connect with as many people as we can lyrically. and musically. So far it's been kind of working, so that's good. 

8.     What are your future plans for the band? (new record, tour, etc.)

We're writing a bunch of songs right now, maybe another EP, a single, or a full length, depending on what happens next.