Desolated - interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rich Unsworth, guitarist for Southampton, UK based metal act Desolated. Check out the interview below. 

1.    For those reading at home, what is your name and position in the band?

My name’s Rich and I play guitar.

 2.    How did Desolated begin? About how long have you been around?

We've been around for quite a while. It began with me and Mitch playing Sepultura and Children Of Bodom covers when we were in school, times have changed quite alot since then!

 3.     Where did you record the video for “Death By My Side”?

We recorded it all over the place- the main chunk of it was at Unit in our home town of Southampton, with the rest of it in Leeds, Birmingham, Glassgow, Sheffield and Belgium.

4.    I read that you guys are based in Southampton. What would you say is the biggest difference between the UK music scene and the music scenes anywhere else in Europe, or in the USA?

I don't know too much about the USA as I have never toured there, but I would say Europe is a lot more easy as they are real music lovers out there. They just go to all the shows they can and mosh as hard as they can, whereas the UK people only seem to go to shows if they know the band.

 5.    Where do your musical influences come from? Do you listen primarily to metal, or are your musical tastes all across the board?

To be honest when I wrote this record "Disorder of Mind" I tried to distance myself from a lot of metal just to make what I wrote as fresh is I could. However i did listen to quite a lot of over the top heavy bands, to try and drag some influences from.

 6.    What’s the typical song-writing process for you guys?

I just jam riffs in my room, then we put all the instruments together and Paul’s vocals go on when we do demos. 

 7.    How would you say that the songs on “Disorder of Mind” (being released on July 22nd) differ in comparison to last years “Verse of Judas”?

I would say this that the new record is a lot harder, there’s a lot less bullshit. It’s just a record to fight to. Whereas "Verse of Judas" had more melody and arty stuff going on, the new record is a straight heavy record.

 8.    Where does the name “Disorder of Mind” come from?

It’s taken from the idea that a mental illness is not something you can escape, it’s a disorder and there isn’t really a solution to it.

 9.    I ask this question to every artist because I always get a wide variety of answers. What kind of message would you like fans to walk away with after listening to your music?

"Where’s the pit at?" That’s what I want them to think!

 10. What are the future plans for the band right now? (anything you’d like to let your fans/listeners know in regards to new tour dates, music, music video, go for it!)

Our new record comes out on the 22nd of JULY and we have a new music video out very shortly. We are always on tour, come to a show and come hang out. 

 Check out the band's music, tour dates, and keep up to date on the latest happenings of Desolated at The band's new record "Disorder Of Mind" will be available on July 22.