"It's been a year since we released our last EP." - An Interview with Forever After

The other day, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Dom Littler, vocalist and guitarist for UK-based Forever After, via Skype. Check out the interview below as we discuss the band's newest EP, "Just Another Year".

Forever After

Forever After

How did the band originally come together? Who approached whom?

Me, our bass player, and our drummer met at college. We were studying music. We used to be in a band then. We kind of like, gigged and did the local scene, just doing covers and stuff, playing Kings of Leon songs and all that sort of rubbish. Then we were taking things a bit more seriously, and our guitarist at that time left. So we found a new guitarist, Sam, and that’s how we met, pretty much.

Where does the EP title “Just Another Year” come from?

It’s been a year since we released our last EP. All the songs on it are about what has happened in the last year, like girlfriends leaving, relationships, friends going and traveling around the world, getting new jobs, and things like that. 

About how long did the writing process take for this EP? What was the experience like writing? Did you guys start that when you were finishing the last EP?

We finished our last EP, and we gigged that for like a year. We went to Europe, toured Germany, it was insane. It probably took us like seven months after we released that one that we started writing some new tracks. We were like “let’s start writing a new EP.” We just wrote a couple of tracks and thought “okay, we’ve got three solid tracks, let’s try and write another three, and get an EP going for the next year.” 

The last week before we went into the studio, we kind of had to rush the songs big time. A couple of the songs we finished the day we went into the studio. But yeah, we had like three solid songs, and we kind of polished the rest of them off. 

You just recently teased a music video. Can you tell me a little bit about the concept?

It’s a video for the song “She’s Leaving”. If you’ve heard the track, it’s about a girlfriend leaving a relationship. The video is a couple having argument, me and another actress. She’s leaving and packing her bags. We’re arguing, she slaps me, things get thrown, and yeah, that’s basically the concept. 

What’s your lyric writing process like, as the vocalist?

I love the songs. We demo them instrumentally first, with ProTools, on the computer. Then I’ll go away and listen to them. The lyrics I write are about everyday sort of things. Things that have happened that month, or things like girlfriends and people leaving, starting a new job that sucks, things like that. So it’s sort of realistic, everyday things that a lot of people go through. 

What kind of message would you like fans to walk away with after listening to your music?

I think a lot of our songs a lot of people can relate to. They’re about everyday sort of subjects, like a lot of people are in jobs that they hate or have relationship problems, stuff like that. I just want them to relate to it and feel the same sort of the thing that I felt when I wrote the lyrics. 

What does music mean to you?

I’ve been playing music since I can remember. AC/DC, my dad would play that around the house all the time. I started playing guitar when I was eight years old. I took guitar lessons from my Dad. It’s been in my life ever since I can remember. There’s nothing really that I’d rather do. I work in a shitty job full time, and I’d rather be on the road touring every fucking week. It’s been life for me. 

What are the future plans for Forever After? You’ve got the EP coming out, but if there’s any tour dates, music videos, etc., you want to let fans know about, go for it!

We’ve got the music video and the EP coming out. We’re touring in October for a kind of long weekend with some cool bands up and down the UK. Hopefully in the beginning of next year we’re going to try and get back out to Europe and tour, because that last experience was insane. They just appreciate music a hell of a lot more in Europe then they do in the UK, so we definitely want to go back out to Europe and tour for like a week and half, or two weeks. Then we’re going to try and get back into touring around the UK and the summer festivals that are coming up. 

Forever After's new EP, "Just Another Year" is available now. You can also listen to a full stream of it on RockSound here: http://www.rocksound.tv/features/read/stream-forever-afters-just-another-year-ep-with-rock-sound

Forever After

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